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Recommended Reading by pastor bruce

How Can I Know There Is a God?
What Is A Personal Relationship With God?
Why Does It Make Sense To Believe in Christ?
How Do You Live The Christian Life?

How To Recognize A Good Church
Your Pastor & You
How To Identify a Dangerous Religious Group

Index - Alphabetical Order
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001 Accepted By God - Our Justification Through Christ
002 Appreciating God's Loving Anger
003 Are We Alone In The Cosmos?
004 Baptism And The Lord's Supper
005 Can Anyone Really Know For Sure?
006 Can I Really Trust The Bible?
007 Celebrating The Wonder Of Creation
008 David And Manasseh - Overcoming Failure
009 Designed For Desire
010 Developing The Art Of Gracious Disagreement
011 Did Christ Really Rise From The Dead?
012 Divorce And Remarriage
013 Do Christians Believe In Three God's?
014 Do I Have The Right Kind Of faith?
015 Does God Want Me Well?
016 Finishing Well
017 Free In The Spirit
018 God Our Father
019 God's Good Earth
020 How Can A Parent Find Peace Of Mind?
021 How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?
022 How Can I Break The Silence?
023 How Can I Feel Good About Myself?
024 How Can I Find Satisfaction In My Work?
025 How Can I Know God Through His Book?
026 How Can I Know There Is A God?
027 How Can I Know What God Wants Me To Do?
028 How Can I Know Who To Marry?
029 How Can I Live With My Loss?
030 How Can I Share My Faith Without An Argument?
031 How Can I Understand The Bible?
032 How Can We Resist The Lure of Sexual Sin?
033 How Do You Live The Christian Life?
034 How Does God Keep His Promises?
035 How Has God Loved Us?
036 How Much Does God Control?
037 How To Have a Revival
038 How To Identify a Dangerous Religious Group
039 How To Recognize A Good Church
040 Is There Life After Death?
041 Jesus' Blueprint for Prayer
042 Jesus' Parable About Money
043 Joseph - Overcoming Life's Challenges
044 Just Before Heaven
045 Knowing God Through 1 Peter
046 Knowing God Through Acts
047 Knowing God Through Exodus
048 Knowing God Through Ezekiel
049 Knowing God Through Genesis
050 Knowing God Through Job
051 Knowing God Through John
052 Knowing God Through Proverbs
053 Knowing God Through Revelation
054 Knowing God Through Romans
055 Knowing God Through The New Testament
056 Knowing God Through The Old Testament
057 Knowing God Through The Whole Bible
058 Knowing God Through Thessalonians
059 Knowing God Through Zechariah
060 Life-Changing Messages From The Risen Lord
061 Living In a Difficult Marriage
062 Lonely But Never Alone
063 Our Eternal Home
064 Praying With Confidence
065 Questions Skeptics Ask
066 Questions Skeptics Ask About Messianic Prophecy
067 Religion or Christ - Whats The Difference?
068 Right and Wrong - A Case For Moral Absolutes
069 Safe and Secure
070 Should We Expect More From The Spirit?
071 Singleness - Misunderstood World of Single Adults
072 Studies In Contrast
073 Taking a Second Look
074 Temple of The Lost Ark
075 The Amazing Prophecy of Names
076 The Church We Need
077 The Compassion of Jesus
078 The Daniel Papers
079 The Forgiveness of God
080 The Greatest Story Ever Told
081 The Holidays of God - The Spring Feasts
082 The Lord Is My Shepherd
083 The Message Of The Prophets
084 The Promise of The Spirit
085 The Way Back
086 Time With God
087 Transformed Lives
088 What About Speaking In Tongues?
089 What About Those Who Have Never Heard?
090 What About Women In Ministry?
091 What Can I Do With My Worry?
092 What Can We Know About The Antichrist?
093 What Can We Know About The Endtimes?
094 What Can We Know About The Second Coming?
095 What Can We Learn From The Angels?
096 What Do We Owe The Government?
097 What Does God Expect of a Man?
098 What Does God Expect of a Woman?
099 What Does God Think of Me Now?
100 What Does It Take To Follow Christ?
101 What Does The Bible Really Say About Slavery?
102 What Does the Bible Say About Hell?
103 What In The World Is Satan Doing?
104 What Is A Personal Relationship With God?
105 What Is Real Love?
106 What Is The Promise of Marriage?
107 What Kind of Worship Is God Looking For?
108 What To Do With a Broken Relationship
109 What We Believe
110 What Will Make My Marriage Work?
111 What's The Appeal of The New Age Movement?
112 When a Man's Eye Wanders
113 When a Spouse Is Unfaithful
114 When Anger Burns
115 When Christians Sin
116 When Forgiveness Seems Impossible
117 When Help Is Needed
118 When Hope Is Lost
119 When Passions Are Confused
120 When The Pain Won't Go Away
121 When Trust Is Lost
122 When Violence Comes Home
123 When We Don't Measure Up
124 When We Just Can't Stop
125 Where Do We Go From Here?
126 Who Is This Man Who Says He's God?
127 Who Qualifies To Be a Church Leader?
128 Why Did Christ Have To Die?
129 Why Does It Make Sense To Believe In Christ?
130 Why In The World Am I Here?
131 Why Isn't There Peace On Earth?
132 Why We Believe
133 Why Would A Good God Allow Suffering?
134 Why Would Anyone Want To Be Holy?
135 Your Pastor And You